This is a list, of what you can click on in the image map you were just looking at, to see some of my art.
-Cool, huh? links are arranged in a mostly spiral clockwise pattern starting at the top. Some might be hard to find, good luck!
check back later for more updates.
Oh, you can also view the pix by clicking on their corresponding # here, but where's the fun in that? Links are subject to change, this list will be kept updated though. Changes will be clearly indicated here.

Image links, active and inactive:

  1 the score. Image: Joanna_3-6-04 portrait
  2 the Spider Web. Image: monsters_1 a sketchpad page
  3 the Chain. Image: Rock-on! Rock'n'roll girl.
  4 the Strawberry. Image: Joanna_red -neo manga style
  5 the Hourglass. Image: Kitten -pencil portrait.
  6 Hourglass eye. Image: Cordoba 2
  7 the Bug (head). Image: Joanna_2-20-04.
  8 Bug's Eye. Image: jo4-crop
  9 Bug segment 1. Image: Joanna_c
10 Bug segment 2. Image: Joanna_1
11 Bug segment 3. Image: Joanna_5
12 Bug segment 4. Image: vamp23
13 Left tongue. Image: Lil' Jenni.
14 Right tongue. Image: Elf princess.
15 Index finger. Image: down on the farm.
16 Middle finger. Image: Flying Futura homes
17 Ring finger. Image: Mars -star top.
18 Thumb. Image: Xontar
19 Pinkie & palm. Image: Mars, pencil.
20 Snake. Image: SWS Mural.
21 Tentacle
22 Gryphon. Image: Forest.
23 Vine. Image: Japan.
24 pod pea left. Image: autobio comix pt. 1
25 pod pea middle. Image: autobio comix pt. 2
26 pod pea right. Image: autobio comix pt. 3
27 Vine eye. Image: sketchpad page.
28 Koriflower. Image: Kori 4-12-97
29 Ring. Image: Shomchu
30 Celtic knotwork. Image: rock-angel.
31 Tao. Image: Handy.
32 AC symbol (in schematic). Image: YS mural 13
33 Left amp. Image: YS mural 14
34 Right amp. Image: YS mural 10
35 River/Resistor (both a heiroglyph and elctronic symbol, (in a cartouche)
     Image: YS mural 12
36 Gift (heiroglyph; the cat with small pyramid)
     Image: YS mural 8
Phoenix. Image: YS mural 7
38 Ankh. Image: Bridge.
39 Scarab. Image: Live ink.
40 Meon (diamond). Image: Harvard Square.
41 Top of hair. Image: Amanda.
42 Right flower. Image: Manga-me
43 the Space turtle. Image: M3 CD cover art
44 Star. Image: Asniya logo.
45 Moon. Image: Annette
46 Drum. Image: Cordoba 1
47 Hair; right side. Image: Elena
48 Dragon. Image: Satan.
49Breastplate. Image: Valeriand'r
50 Breastplate bug. (Just think, I could make all of those bumps into links...)
     Image: green me.
51 the Abbey. Image: Jenni.
52 Abbey star. Image: magazine
53 Hair; left side. Image: Batwinged girl.
54 the Masked one. Image: Trois visages/3 faces M3 cover artwork.
55 the Temple. Image: the Temple, painting.
56 Magonia (runes). Image: Gomi.
57 the Chrome sphere. Image: photo, James with Chapman Stick.
58 Celtic wave. Image: Allston.
59 kanji: Hen (strange). Image: 1304-James
60 Yume (dream). Image: 1304-mbw
61 Ongaku (music). image: Yuko and Hawk.
62 Pentacle. Image: Earth.
63 Left flower. Image: James-Ace
64 the Face. takes you to this page. I may make the eyes into links later. Who knows?
(Not all the links are actually listed here...)

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