Millennia ago, before the dawn of time, Robert A. Melpignano Jr. used to go by the stage name 'Atom Bob' (maybe that's what the "A" stands for). He no longer does, but I still like to refer to him Atomic Bob sometimes, which is odd because no one ever called him that, er, except me, James, but then I'm a bit odd. He prefers 'Bobby' but I just can't bring myself to call him that for some reason. This is a page dedicated to him, because he is an as-yet largely unsung guitar God, who one day will be as famous as me.
Bob teaches guitar, if you're lucky he'll teach you. Click to E-mail Bob.

Calling all guitars!

  Update! Bob has made a web page of his own, a terriffic resource for guitarists,
please visit it by clicking this link: calling all

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