Videos, back in the 80's they didn't suck, here are some if my favourites, courtesy of not all of these are from the 80's mind you. I'll be posting more in the near future.

"In a big country" by Big Country, Scotlands greatest band. (Not a country band.)

"Visions of China", by Japan, featuring Mick Karn on Bass and David Slyvian on vocals.

"Army dreamers" by Kate Bush.

"One of our submarines" (live version) by Thomas Dolby

and now for something contemporary,
"Let's make love and listen to Death from above" by CSS, a band from Brasil, 5 women and one man, very fun stuff. "Death from above, 1979" is the name of a band, in case you hadn't heard of them and were wondering what the name of this song meant.