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Welcome to my Award-Winning* links page!
Some websites may contain content unsuitable for children. cannot be responsible for the content of other websites. For the most part these sites are family-friendly, but if you have children under the age of 18, don't let them web surf alone without net-nanny, or some other software filters. Also if you are looking at this page in Firefox and notice too much space here and there, I had to do that so it would load right in google chrome. stupid google browser! :p If you find any malfunctioning links let me know!

Music links: (now actually alphabetised! (-mostly) And now with memory-hogging slow-loading pictures! -wow!) Non-music links below.
God Kate Bush

      Kate is God.

Joan Joan Armatrading!

  the one and only!

Bats in the belfry Bats in the belfry  Bats in the Belfry is a show featuring music with a dark asthetic including everything from Gregorian chant to the newest Gothic rock, Hosted by Mistress Laura. You can now hear the show online!
    /\,,/\     /\../\     ^..^

in a big country dreams stay with you Big Country
  No, not a country music act, risen from the ashes of the Skids, (the original post-punk Kelts -the band that inspired U2 in the 1st place,) my favourite band aside from the Beatles.

Lindsay Buckland Lindsay Buckland

 an Australian musician I met when I lived in Japan, who coincidentally my sister met when she visited Australia, Lindsay plays all sorts of cool customised electric dulcimers and makes brilliant music on them, among other instruments.

BobCalling All Guitars

  Mojoceratops guitarist Bob Melpignano's site, a very useful resource for guitarists, with lessons, tablature and other advice. still somewhat under construction.


 a diverse band from Brazil, mostly women, one bloke, very fun stuff, the singer is Japanese/Brazillian, reminds me of Miho Hatori (from Cibo Matto) a little, also adorable. ^_^ their page on sub pop records site check out the song "Let's make love and listen to Death from above"

capercaillie Capercaillie

  brilliant keltic band, I met Manus Lunny, he taught me how to tune a bouzouki.

Cibo Matto! Cibo Matto

  2 very talented Japanese women who like to rap about food, and other things as well. Eclectic!

Clannad Clannad

  possibly the best Keltic band ever

Stan the Man Stanley Clarke

  Bass God, living legend. if you don't know who he is, go find out.

Cocteau Twins Cocteau Twins   often imitated but never duplicated, ambient experimental
Anglo-Scottish dream music. like the thompson twins there are 3 of them. I hear one of them quit tho.

Combustible Edison Combustible Edison
  30th Century Lounge Music. Saw them at the Middle East. glad I did, they broke up.

Alice Alice Cooper

  the original. 'Killer' is one of the best albums ever, and inspired the Talking Head's song 'Psycho Killer'.

world's greatest drummer Stewart Copeland
 My favourite Drummer, one of the very very few who's style I can actually recognise. official site.

Billy Corgan Billy Corgan
-Not bad, reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins a bit, but I rather liked them. OK, he finally realised he needs to stop pretending he can be in a band. He has now gone solo officially. -update, oh wait, now he has his old "band" back together again. uhuh. oh his site is down? I see. well here's the SP site then.

Cult V Cult V
  interesting music and art, hosted by a friend of ours who gave M3 their first web home.

Robert Smith (and whoever.) the Cure

  I didn't think I needed a link to the Cure's website. I thought everyone knew who they were. I found I was wrong. One of the original Goth/punk/new wave bands.

duty now for the future. dEvO

  the spudboys' own home-made homepage

Dolby Thomas Dolby

  the very brilliant Mr. Thomas Dolby, as David Bowie called him.
Rightly so.

The Dresden Dolls The Dresden Dolls  A band from Boston consisting of a woman who sings and plays piano, and her big gay drummer. What? he's not gay? really? oh ok. well whatever. They won the Rumble a while ago, to my amazement and delight, the big music contest in Boston). The music is sort of Cabaret meets punk rock, but that description doesn't really do it justice. Very creative site too! Highly recommended for fans of Kate Bush. I used to see Amanda F. Palmer years ago when she was a living statue in Harvard Square and my band played outside there. Come to think of that's the last place I ran into her just recently. She's now married to Neil Gaiman who co-wrote a comic book I worked on.

Mike Michael Duncan   Multi instrumental musician (and all around genius, really he can fix anything, your stereo, your Macintosh, even your brain!) One of my heroes and a very clever songsmith to boot. Michael recently reprogrammed a bunch of singing fish to be his back up singers. -Yes really.

Earth Wind & Fire Earth Wind & Fire:

  Earth Wind & Fire

Bela Fleck Bela Fleck

  Fusion Banjo God! with a Bassist even I'm afraid of. a little.

Laurie Laurie Geltman

  I knew Laurie years ago. she's still really excellent!
go see for yourself!

Masashi san Masashi Harada

  Avant garde artist musician. Really amazing abstract photography, really weird music. oh, his site is down, ok I made it a link to some of his music, just a small part of who he is though.

Juliana Juliana Hatfield

  James almost joined her band the Blake Babies and sometimes still wishes he had...

Miho Miho Hatori

 the charming singer from Cibo Matto, has now embarked on a solo career.

Heart Heart

  Back on tour!

Mary Helium/Mary Timony
  James adores Mary, she's sweet, he met her. here's her myspace page:

Thad Thaddeus Hogarth
  a brilliant modern soul/r&b singer/musician, with a classic voice and sensibilites. If you miss soulfulness and talent, look here for some.

Jah Spirit Jah Spirit
 an excellent Reggae band based in Boston. Recently revamped site!

Mick Karn Mick Karn
  the God of weird fretless Bass' official site. one of the few original musicians in the world. Tragically recently succumbed to cancer. for fuck's sake please stop smoking, people!

  the greatest show on earth, and some great dark old Metal, etc. I can't see the new Tour since Ace quit. I don't mind them using another guitarist but while he lives no one else should wear his makeup unless they're in a cover band. Not a rock and roll band, a rock and roll BRAND.

Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! records.   Birdsongs of the Mesozoic member Erik Lindgren's site. Also home of Arf! Arf! records (which I suspect was named by his dog.)
This site contains a complete catalog of musical compositions, productions, and arrangements by Erik Lindgren. In addition, there is an extensive discography of commercially released recordings along with mention (in the detail section) of unreleased recordings that exist.   consists solely of professional musicians of the highest caliber. They are trained in the art of chamber music and come from the best conservatories in the world. Our musicians will come to your wedding fully prepared and rehearsed. Our versatile repertoire consists of classical, jazz, easy-listening, and pop music. Maestro Musicians’ star group, The Appassionato Quartet, is our signature ensemble. Contact us for availability! Many of our members are also excellent teachers of all ages. Please contact us for information about music lessons for your child or for yourself!

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Yngwie Malmsteen

      Guitar God.

Conjurman Mason   a classic singer, Mojoceratops's bassist and drummer (who used to gig with him), play on a few cuts on the CD 'Future History'. Mason mixes blues rock and reggae and no one can stop him!

you are here

  just some guy.

the real deal

  James's current musical endeavour.

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the Monkees the Monkees

  Did you know Mike invented MTV?

El Moz Morrissey

 gotta love the Mozzer. New disc has some great tunes on it. and some so-so ones.., but it comes with a bonus DVD!


  James's previous fusion trio. CDs still available!

she works hard! Mandy Moore
  she's SO CUTE! -I'm sorry. -No I'm not, Mandy released an album of covers including songs by XTC and JOAN ARMATRADING! ok?! so she's cool! lay off!

the Goddess the Moors
  an amazing medeival trance/rock band which James almost joined and will always wish he had. Highly recommended. Buy their CD here: the Moors
for more Moors links click here: Moors links

Morphine Morphine, one of the most amazing and unique bands there ever was, Morphine had a drummer, a dual saxophonist, he played 2 at once, and a singing bassist who played 2 string slide bass, his own invention, no guitar. Hi-n-dry studios website, home of the band Morphine, who's founder was the late Mark Sandman. There's a charitable foundation in his name now, info, music, including free downloads on this site.

Noise Boston's legendary local music magazine. covering the local music scene since forever basically.

Najarian James's old band, very cool world-pop type music. If you like Seal, Tears for fears, Sade and Peter Gabriel, you'll dig this stuff. (Now on

Numan   Gary Numan's page which he administers himself. I met him twice and he was really genuinely nice, in addition to being one of the founders of New Wave & Goth. I would put everything on hold to work with him.

I'm just backin' up the cats... Jaco Pastorius

     the late Bass legend's home on the web run by his kids.


 A highly useful and informative resource for musicians in New England.

Jean Luc Ponty Jean Luc Ponty

  Fusion Violin Pioneer.

Ami Yumi (Puffy) Ami Yumi  interesting Girl duo, hugely popular in Japan where they are known as 'Puffy', to avoid confusion with Sean Combs, they added their names for the US market.


Worship her now, avoid the rush. Ratsy

  Girl songstress superstar!

Gil Scott Heron Gil Scott Heron
  not his official site, but the next best thing til that comes along

Colleen Colleen Sexton
  An amazing acoustic performer with a beautiful voice, James plays on her debut CD 'Step Outside', it's all worth checking out though!

the Smiths the Smiths
  you mean Morrissey was in a band before Wings?

Specimen 37 Specimen 37   a cool weird band we gigged with at Skybar. Some Pink Floyd, a bit of electronica, a dash of Tull, male and female vocalists, one song on their CD makes the numbers run backwards on your CD player. That alone is worth the price.

Sylvian David Sylvian
  former front man of Japan, a voice your girlfriend would leave you for, -even if you're a grrl.

Tears For Fears Tears For Fears
  -Still completely brilliant after all these years, and recently reunited!

well they might be! They Might Be Giants!
  Brilliant rock band comprised entirely of scientists.

guitar mystic Steve Tibbetts
  Guitar mystic. Steve Tibbetts is one of the best and most important guitarists you've never heard of. His music paints you on journey you didn't know you needed to take.

Trouz Braz  A Celtic/Breton band who recently were lucky enough to snag the Moors' vocalist/woodwind player Sharynne NicMhacha for a while. James Mobius also gigged with them a few times. Find them on MySpace here.

Valhalla Kittens Valhalla Kittens
  FUN Boston based unrepentant glitter rock. 3 chick singers with Scott Dakota (of the Moors) playing Svengali. (He sings too.) I don't think they're active currently.

CVB banner by J. Mobius Cynthia Von Buhler
  An amazing multi-media artist, painter, musician, the whole renaissance bit really. Co-founder of the much lamented CVB records

Voltaire Voltaire
 the funniest performer I have ever seen on stage, Goth, while poking fun at Goths, Voltaire has many fine CDs available and is also a brilliant comic book creator and animator (Harryhausen fans take note!) for Satan's sake go look at this site already! Voltaire's collaborators on one of his comic books include Neil Gaiman, and James Mobius! :)

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Musical instrument makers, dealers & promoters, etc:

Spoiler Alembic
  Great instruments if you have 7 grand lying around.

black beauty Hagstrom   See that picture? That's why I play bass in the first place. When I was 6, I wanted to be cool like my Bro and play that thing, plus it only had 4 strings so I thought it'd be easier than guitar! of course now I play a 6 string bass :p ...

Ibanez Ibanez  a Japanese guitar maker with a Spanish name that no one pronounces correctly. Americans say 'eye-bah-nez', the Japanese are closer, they say 'ee-bah-nezu'. My mum says it's 'ee-bahn-yez'. I have a 5 and a 6 string soundgear models. Unsolicited plug.

Metal Union the Metal Union   a nicely designed site promoting music that is Good'n'Hard! Earplugs recommended.

Mr. Music Mr. Music
  a friendly musical instrument shop I frequent, one of the best. huge selection of new and used gear. When in Boston, drop by! Tell 'em I sent ya.   I bought a $1,300. guitar from them (new) for $350, and a $500. other thing for $200. what are you waiting for? of course, check out Mr. Music first though!

Chapman Stick Touchboard Stick   Emmett Chapman's invention, the Chapman Stick is a 10 (or 12) stringed monstrosity that makes my life a living nightmare and my band sound really cool. It's basically the guitar version of a piano, played by tapping like Eddie VanHalen, or Stanley Jordan, (who should really be playing one of these) one hand plays bass parts and the other hand plays treble parts. it's like having an extra musician in the band. except I don't get paid twice as much for thinking and working twice as hard. Hmm. Click here to visit my Stick page where you can hear me play it.

stradasphereradiopodcast Strada-Sphere radio podcast  a way cool online radio show which plays only bands with Chapman stick players. Broadcasts in English y Espanol.

Non music links:

Artists, writers and thinkers:

BCRthe Boston Comics Roundtable  the BCR started out as a group of people who met to discuss creating comics, almost a support group, and evolved into a publishing entity. We now publish several anthologies, Inbound, a general anthology, Outbound, a science fiction anthology, and other things. We meet every Thursday night in Harvard Square Cambridge and new members are always welcomed.

42 Douglas Adams!   If you don't know who Douglas Adams is, you don't know where your towel is either do you?


Mercy! Nuff Sed!
  web home of Ken Gale comic book historian, enviromental/political activist, etc, and super artist Mercy VanVlack.

Neil Neil Gaiman
  One of the best writers in every medium.

Becca Rebecca Hanson
 An illustrator of astounding realism, and groovy psychadelica.

Jenn Strange Rain
  In case you're wondering who this charming model of mine is, she is a talented artist and musician in her own right, and a very very sweet young lady who I am lucky to know.

parrish relics Parrish Relics
 Really cool Goth/medieval jewelry. And it takes a lot to impress me.

pez George Perez
  No, not the drummer from Boston band 6L6 who named themselves after a guitar amplifier tube, but rather the legendary and award winning comic book illustrator who's nicknames include 'Maestro', and more commonly, 'God'. (justly so.) also an incredibly nice and magnanimous guy who hung a painting I made for him, in his art studio!

Ryden Mark Ryden
  Contemporary Surrealist painter who took all the good ideas already!

Sandra SanTara Sandra SanTara
 the wholly amazing Art of Sandra SanTara specialising in New Age Visionary, Tribal, and Wildlife art work. T-shirts, prints, Sandra even paints on feathers. Go look now! What are you waiting for?

Whitley Streiber Whitley Streiber
  UFO information from the horse's mouth.

Matti Matti Insco Williams
  a fine artist, chiefly of landscapes and still life, oil on canvas.

Raelinda Raelinda Woad
  Amazing jewelry-maker and storyteller, her jewlery actually contains her stories (among other mysterious delights)-witty inventive, poignant and decorative!

zoomquilt The Zoomquilt
 an amazing piece of interactive art, a painting you can zoom into which never ends. finally back online! Or maybe I should've just googled it when it disappeared. oh well. go look at it! It rocks!

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Amnesty International  

aspca   the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

beyond benign  -Helping keep the world green! Beyond Benign is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable science in order to create an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world. Driven by the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, a universal sustainable approach to any science; we create tools, opportunities and partnerships to support the implementation of community involvement initiatives, workplace training, cooperative programs and K-12 education resources.

bikesnotbombs Bikes Not Bombs   is a non-profit organization working for alternative transportation and community development. The group operates the Bicycle Recycling and Youth Training Center in Roxbury, MA, to promote environmental education, meaningful employment, and safe sustainable communities, both here in Roxbury and abroad.

celtic league the Celtic League  aims to provide a link among all Americans of Celtic descent or sympathies who seek a deeper appreciation of their glorious legacy, and the need to strengthen the cultural and national identities of the Celtic peoples. Additionally often serves as a 'common meeting ground' for organizations and individuals within our diverse community.

Democracy Now! Democracy Now!  a news source that actually tells you what is going on in the world. All the stuff they don't mention on the major news networks.

the Green Party the Green Party  there are more than 2 parties in the US. this one is interested in among other things, saving the planet, and fairness. If those seem like good ideas to you check it out. I am a proudly registered Green.

greenpeace -trying to save the planet, it's the only one we've got.

MassPirg MassPirg   Mass public interest resource group. Keeping Massachusetts clean and safe!

Michael Moore Michael Moore.   Watchdog of the US political world.

Public citizen Public citizen  We fight for openness and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.

Rage against the machine.  

Useful resources:

Chocolate recipes Chocolate recipes

Dún na Sídhe

 Sharynne's way cool Keltic stuff page!

Passport to the Cosmos  John Mack's site. (one of them.) rest in peace John.

nihongo/eigo Japanese/English dictionary   in case you need one.

copyright D.Fox 2004 David Fox photographer
  Weddings, corporate, commercial, family photos etcetera, based in Boston, a fine photographer.

Green building consultingGreen building consulting
 Environmentally responsible construction.
Design and consulting services offered in project management, technical assistance, LEED certification, CHPS certification, green specifications, material selection and sustainability processes.

I like this nifty spinning pentacle gif. I had a link associated with it, but the site is gone. The gif remains, yours to keep at no additional cost!

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Other fun stuff/Misc:

alexthejester Alex the Jester  Many a true word is spoken in jest, but the majority of lies are spoken in earnest. if you need a jester, he's the best, er... :D !
This guy can play 3 wind insturments and once and has a mouth like a camel's hump; able to store impossible amounts of water. -It's dot com! Homestar-runner   an incredibly amusing site full of free-to-view animation, family friendly, but not mediocre or bland. Strongbad emails are what it's all about. Endless easter eggs, hours of fun.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  Join Us!


Model sites may contain images unsuitable for children. cannot be responsible for the content of other websites. (-Even if these are all friends of mine who's sites I administer.)
If you have children under the age of 18, don't let them web surf alone without net nanny, or some other software filters.



Rose Noir

Sarah M

More forthcoming. Blimey I'm going to waste all my storage space on links!

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