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The cover to our cassette-only
 release 'Trois Visages'
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computers suck Welcome to M3band.com, M3's homemade homepage! We try to keep it clean and simple, fast-loading easy to use for those who still suffer with less than ideal systems and ISPs.
     latest update: M3 scores a documentary!
      We were approached by a Doctor from Boston who was producing a film documenting the unfortunate lack of adequate quality health care on Native American reservations, aimed at encouraging young MDs to help out, and getting financial donations from anyone who's able to help. We helped out by allowing use of our song "Lost" on the score. the song features the Chapman stick touchboard, that's the weird looking 10 string Bass/Guitar thing that you sometimes see James tapping and producing synth-like (among other) tones out of. We will have a more detailed update about this film as soon as it is available to us. We're hopeful it will get shown at Robert Redford's Sundance film festival, which is well attended by Hollywood, who know where it might lead us. We have accepted no money for our participation in this project, we are honoured to be able to help out a most worthy cause and the exposure can't hurt either.
      more news, hey I updated the website! how about that! I am adding a page honoring people imporant to us who have passed away, starting with Stuart Adamson, who had a little tribute on our frontpage since his tragic passing in December '01. felt it was time to put the focus of our site back on us, I was just heavily effected by that event. With the recent loss of John Entwistle, the legendary Bassist for the Who, the losses of 2 Ramones, Ben Orr of the Cars, Mark Sandman of Morphine (for whom I wrote a song), the door to my bedroom is getting buried in musician obituaries.
      I've also added a new page offering a little more detail about our music lesson service.
       "like a garden in the forest that the world will never see..."

Secret Mission Statement:       We are dedicated to the creation of music that challenges your ears while pleasing them.

WHAT IS M3? M3 is a progressive instrumental trio which believes the world is ready for their completely unique brand of progressive music which blends Rock, Funk, Medieval, Asian and numerous other influences from musicians as diverse as Return to forever, Kiss, Kate Bush, Earth wind & fire, Steely Dan, Gary Numan, the Police and Devo.
      M3 believes the world shouldn't be underestimated in it's intelligence and capacity for open-mindedness. People are usually confused after the first song they perform but are always won over by their lack of self-seriousness combined with monstrous chops.
      -Whether it's the moody spaciousness of a song like "Lost" (performed with a 10 string Chapman Stick, made to sound like a keyboard), or the startling intensity of the speedy "Countdown" which itself shifts gears several times, people always stop talking when they play, and just listen, and not just because these three guys make an awful lot of sound, for just three guys. Arty but not pretentious,
      M3 is the future of music, the future is here, it's fun, it's brainy, it's bold and zany. It really rocks too!

      What some people are saying about M3;

"Energetic and intense, dynamic and precise, and elaborately neoteric- they run on atomic power!"
      -Sharynne NicMacha of The Moors

"The most happening new band in the country"
      -WCUV FM radio DJ Captain P.J. -Worcester MA

If you have non-ISP based email (like hotmail) write to us atI had to use a picture of my address to hide
it from evil spamcralwers who would spam me.
kindly report any broken links to the webmaster, thank you. We are also open to suggestions on ways to improve this service.

computers suck M3 can be reached via snail mail at this address:
M3 c/o Möbius P.O. Box 643 Brookline MA 02446 USA

 The back cover art to our 
Debut Cd release 'M3'
art © 1997 James Möbius

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