art © 2004 James Möbius
Click on the small images to view larger versions.
bandpic2 © 2004 M3/D'na bandpic1 © 2004 M3/B.Sadie A photo I took in Japan.
'Japan' © 2004 J.Möbius
M3 Live in Harvard Square M3 Live in Harvard Square, note Comic book historian, 
the late Rich Morrissey, (my friend) on the far right. M3 Live in Harvard Square
M3 Live in Harvard Square M3 Live at the Black Rose in Harvard Square just a Paint doodle I did as a dummy pic when I was 
building the site, and couldn't figure out my new scanner.
bandpic0 © 2004 J.Möbius

Photographer Brian D. Sadie can be reached c/o the webmaster

© M3/Mö 2004 all rights reserved.

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