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           Guitarist Bob Melpignano ("Mel-pin-yano"), and bassist James Möbius along with singer/guitarist Jennifer Druan, and drummer Paul Norris, (Later; Rich Snyder) worked for a few years in the '80's as "Purple Planet", (once described as "Rush meets the Bangles") until Möbius, moved to Tokyo. Bob formed the hard edged progressive non-instrumental band "Psycho-logic".
      Möbius says; "Bob and I first Jammed once or twice with Greg ages ago, and I immediately saw so much potential in this trio that I moved to the opposite side of the Earth. -No, I'm kidding, I had already purchased my Air ticket." When he returned from Japan he joined the established world-pop ensemble "Najarian" and played on their debut CD, performing many well attended Saturday night gigs downstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge, (The Boston area's premier showcase for local and international recording acts), among countless other venues.
      M3 began in the early 90's as a side project for James, who says he'd put his own music on hold for so long he'd almost forgotten about it until Bob suggested jamming regularly with Greg, they began performing in the Boston club circuit at many famous venues most of which are long gone, like the legenday Rathskeller, aka the Rat, where the Bass amp exploded on stage ('free smoke show!' says J.M.)
      Möbius also performed with Colleen Sexton and appears on her debut CD.
Mag and Möbius worked for several years with Boston based rock/reggae/blues man Mason and appear on one of his CDs.
(All 3 Band members are available to teach)
      M3 released a self-titled domestic CD on their own "Energy" recordings label in September '97, and a cassette-only release 'Trois Visages' of astounding improvised music in summer 2000. In their own words "there are three of us, and our last names all begin with "M".

M3 are on what's popularly known in music circles as 'infinite hiatus', which is a polite way of quietly saying, we've disbanded.
Here is an update on that, after trying out several drummers for their new project, Bob and James settled on Greg again. so M3 has basically changed their name to supergods, no wait, Mojoceratops, (Greg really didn't like the name supergods, no accounting for taste I guess), and are currently auditioning Vocalists and Managers for this new project -interested parties should contact them via email. For more information click here.

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