So you wanna be a rock'n'roll star?

    All you have to do is sing like a bird.

A really crazy bird, like say, Bjork. Or Freddy Mercury ideally.

Former M3 members, now reunited, are currently reconfiguring their new musical venture, 'Mojoceratops', they are looking for a vocalist, (something we haven't had in quite some time) and a manager.

To get an idea of what sort of music we are brewing up for this project check out our music and our old instrumental band M3 -now imagine a brave vocalist finding space for herself or himself or itself on top of that. Having a hard time? Have you ever listened to Xixxo? Rush? Yes? Progressive music can work with vocals, you just need a little imagination. Interested parties should contact us via email. intially. Serious enquiries only, you must have a demo you can email us a link to. No smokers or junkies please. Steel toe shoes a must, as we will step all over your toes. (Kidding. Er, we'll try not to.)

Some of the music we enjoy includes Funk Fusion Rock, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Celtic folk music, ethnic music from all over the world, Punk, New wave, R&B, and anything created with intelligence and heart. For more bands we like, check out this links page. We are interested in many many different types of music and see no reason to limit ourselves to playing just one sort, even within a given song. We have never overestimated our audience's intelligence or open-mindedness.