Welcome to Mojoceratops audio page. We just released a live CD and are currently rehearsing, composing and preparing to record new material. Meantime listen to this!
Drums: Greg Mag
Guitar: Bob Melpignano
6 string Bass, 5 string fretless Bass and 10 string Chapman stick: James Möbius.

Conviction       5:32 (5.2 MB)
Heavy metal funk fusion from outer space.

The Machine       4:03 (2.9 MB)
Hard hitting In-Your-Face Rock.

3_faces       4:46 (3.36 MB)
This is an improvised track, you are hearing the song being composed in real time as we played it. Metal, funk, some world-music for good measure.

Two Swans       7:16 (5.12 MB)
Tribal, but what tribe? Features the Chapman stick, a ten stringed instrument that sounds like a Bass, a Guitar and a synthesiser at different points in the song. (No overdubs!)

Exit Sandman       5:29 (3.87 MB)
Our mellowest song. It starts out mellow anyway.

Stay tuned for more songs, in the meanwhile you can also get some idea of what we sound like by listening to our previous musical venture, M3, by clicking here. Same band, new name.

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