Welcome to Mojoceratops links page. We realise that sometimes you have to go to other websites besides this one.

     Ok we don't really understand why, but we know we can't stop you.


So here are some to look at. They are all good.

Mojo-related links:

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BobCalling All Guitars

  Bob's site, a very useful resource for guitarists.


 The band's previous fusion trio incarnation. CDs still available!

Cult V Cult V
  interesting music and art, hosted by a friend of ours who gave M3 their first web home.

click me.

  just some guy.

Najarian James's old band, very cool world-pop type music. If you like Seal, Tears for fears, Sade and Peter Gabriel, you'll dig this stuff. (Now on Myspace.com)

Some other progressive music links we recommend:

God Kate Bush

      Kate is God.

Beck Jeff Beck.

  once upon a time when people said they listen to "Beck" this is who they meant.

Stan the Man Stanley Clarke

  Bass God, living legend. if you don't know who he is, go find out.

world's greatest drummer Stewart Copeland
 James's favourite Drummer, (other than Greg). official site. Played with the Police, Animal Logic (with Stanley Clarke), Oysterhead (with Les Claypool of Primus).

Bela Fleck Bela Fleck

  Fusion Banjo God! W/ scary bassist on board.

Mick Karn Mick Karn
  the God of weird fretless Bass' official site. one of the few original musicians in the world. Tragically he recently passed away from cancer. another unfillable hole in the world.

littlefeatLittle Feat

      a band Greg recommends you listen to.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Yngwie Malmsteen

      Guitar God.

Mr. Music Mr. Music
  a friendly musical instrument shop James frequents, one of the best. huge selection of new and used gear. When in Boston, drop by! Tell 'em I sent ya.

I'm just backin' up the cats... Jaco Pastorius

     the late Bass legend's home on the web run by his family.

Jean Luc Ponty Jean Luc Ponty

  Fusion Violin Pioneer.

Satch Joe Satriani

  a guitarist of note.

guitar mystic Steve Tibbetts
  Guitar mystic. Steve Tibbetts is one of the best and most important guitarists you've never heard of. His music paints you on journey you didn't know you needed to take.

Slippin'glimpser  supergod's 2nd drummer Kirk's other band. Go have a listen won't you?

the Mars Hall  Kevin M., supergods 1st drummer's current project, a progressive hard rockin' band.

Raelinda  Neil  Ryden  Streiber 4242

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