Battling mediocrity in music

Welcome to the web home of the progressive rock band Mojoceratops. A bunch of terrifyingly good musicians. In truth they're all quite humble about their brain-searing musical talents. No, really they are. The band members are: Greg Mag on Drums, Bob Melpignano on Guitar, and James Mobius on 6 string bass, 5 string fretless bass and 10 string chapman stick.

      News; We are open to working with a skilled vocalist, gender unimportant. We are currently rehearsing, recording and gigging out instrumentally. (Interested parties should click here. Serious enquiries only, please. You must have demos.)

The band is currently rehearsing and preparing to record a new CD of new material, and just released a live recording featuring previously unreleased material. Listen or purchase it here.

Music lessons, Bass, Guitar, and Drums, available from us!
We know things you don't know.
If you live in eastern MA and vicinity and give us money, we'll tell you.
      You too can be a rock god. It's easy once you know the secret.
Years of practice.
Seriously though, we offer private music instruction in person and may even be able to share some secret knowledge with you via the internet. Reasonable rates.

Members of the press requesting information about this band are free to email us via the contact button below, or may find some useful text here

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