This is our probably not terribly confusing but not super fascinating bio page!
Spawned from the mysterious depths of the galaxy, Mojoceratops appear to have materialised from nowhere, fully formed and chops-heavy, but in fact spent years figuring out how to play tricky bits that some people like. Perhaps you will as well. Like the tricky bits I mean, not spend years learning how to play them. Although we teach music as well if you're interested in learning how to play the tricky bits.

Here's a short version; Bob needed a bassist for his group Purple Planet, James joined happily, but then had to move to Japan after a year or 2 (Pon Farr don't ya know), so he bade them a tearful farewell and completely failed to bring home a Japanese lady half a year later. Then they started Jamming with Greg and formed M3, they played many clubs, most of them famous and long gone, some accidentally destroyed by the sheer awesomeness of the band.

After a time guitar solos fell out of the public favour and the band decided to take a sabbatical. The call of music was too great though, and so they took up arms again against mediocre music, determined to save rock'n'roll from corporate vapidity, this time calling themselves "supergods" (all lower case for humility). They thought that was a funny name since other people frequently called them such things but they were far too modest to ever call themselves anything that ridiculous. Greg had popped off to Africa to study drums or something, drummers tend to go there, so they tried out a few other people, a gal, a couple of guys, no one could really put up, -I mean keep up with them though.

Fortunately just then Greg rematerialised and our trio were, like so many other bands who were awesome, reunited. Deeming the new name a little too ostentatious and likely to be misconstrued, the lads searched high and low for a new name until James heard a news story about a newly discovered dinosaur, with a heart-shaped bony plate on its head, which it used to atttract the lady dinosaurs, as well as to protect itself. They jumped on it before anyone else could grab it and thus was Mojoceratops the band, born. And that's just half the story of our secret origin!

      -And the story continues, we still seek a singer, stay tuned...

Secret Mission Statement:

      We are dedicated to the creation of music that challenges your brains whilst pleasing your ears. Our mission is to battle mediocrity.

What is 'Mojoceratops'? Mojoceratops is a progressive trio which believes your world is ready for their unique blend of Rock, Funk, Medieval, Asian and numerous other influences from musicians as diverse as Return to forever, Kiss, Kate Bush, Earth wind & fire, Steely Dan, Gary Numan, the Police and Devo, among many others.

      Mojoceratops believe music enthusiasts shouldn't be underestimated in their intelligence and capacity for open-mindedness. Audiences are sometimes confused after the first song they perform but are always won over by their lack of self-seriousness combined with monstrous chops, and innovative songwriting.

      -Whether it's the moody spaciousness of a song like "Lost" (performed with a 10 string Chapman Stick, made to sound like a keyboard), or the startling intensity of the speedy "Countdown" which itself shifts gears several times, people always stop talking when they play, and just listen, and not just because these three guys make an awful lot of sound, for just three guys. Arty but not pretentious, Mojoceratops are the future of music. The future is here, it's fun, it's brainy, it's bold and occasionally zany. It really rocks too!

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