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      Check back here from time to time for exciting new Band merchandise you can't possibly live without or respect yourself if you don't own.

currently available goods:

The cover to our eponymous CD, 
art © 1997 James Möbius M3 the Debut CD from Energy Records,
Produced and arranged by M3 -all Music copyright © M3 1997 all rights reserved
9 tracks and a full colour booklet,
$13.00 including postage
Side one:

1 Conviction click to hear 'Conviction' now
2 Magonia click to hear 'Magonia' now
3 Countdown
4 Sharon is happy
5 the Machine
6 Mr. Radio
7 Impossible figure (for Su)/
      Another Viking Victory at
      the green midget cafe'
8 Stay alive click to hear 'Stay alive' now
9 the Mad Hatter

Hear more M3 audio samples by clicking here.

The cover to our cassette-only
 release 'Trois Visages'
art © 1995 James Möbius Trois Visages
Cassette-only release ,7 tracks,
$7.00 including postage
Side A
3 faces
Side Z
Pound Down
Big surf
Limited Edition Lithograph: 'Now-Here-This'
the acclaimed artwork from the back cover of the CD 'M3'
printed on heavy cardstock, size roughly 11 square inches
signed and numbered by the artist James Möbius
$12.00 including postage and handling
see more of James's art here, prints of most of these images
are available for purchase.
 The back cover art to our 
Debut Cd release 'M3'
art © 1997 James Möbius

coming soon: T-shirts! Bumper stickers, and Buttons!
How to buy;
we haven't quite worked out the credit card stuff just yet,
meantime you can mail a check or money order (no cash please),
in US funds payable to James Möbius.
email for the address to send it to.

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