Well. Aren't we clever.

Welcome to the next level.

This is the secret hidden archives page for MöbiusBandwidth.com.
my original plan for this page was to stick the text from the front/home page in here so when I do updates mm, old news would be here basically.

     I haven't really posted that much exciting news so screw that.

Perhaps if this site is ever really hoppin' I'll archive old news here, or somewhere.
     So what to put here? I was thinking of putting some of my writing on here, stuff from my journal. Musings, but no one ever finds this page without my telling them about it unless they're clever enough to poke around behind the HTML curtains and see what things are hidden, but no one will bother with that, so, I should either hide a less well hidden link to it somewhere, or add an actual button. hmm.
     Some of my writing is not appropriate for younger websurfers, maybe I should tuck that stuff away in here, and put the more family friendly stuff in an actually visible location.

ok so you came this far, I'll throw you a bone, happy Easter.

Click me. You know you want to.

click things

words are here.

you are reading them.

or perhaps you only think you are reading them.

perhaps you are really a butterfly, dreaming that you are a Buddhist monk.

Does it matter?

the links stay centered, something you should try to emulate.

you can't hand the patient the answers on a silver platter, they have to work for them or they will have no value.

remember the better you look, the more you see...