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Acclaim for Workshops and Events:

     I have been following an ever evolving, Celtic inspired spiritual path for more than ten years [and have been a] participant in numerous Celtic studies groups and workshops. [Sharynne's classes] are very rewarding, she is well versed in Celtic studies, yet open minded and intuitive. I have taken Celtic related courses with Tom Cowan and John Mathews, and have found Sharynne's classes to be just as, if not more, beneficial, illuminating and informative. She would be a wonderful asset to any program.

                                         (Iain Stewart, Reiki Master and Photographer, Northampton, Mass.)

     Sharynne's knowledge of Celtic mythology, history, language and teaching technique have truly blossomed. She has a genuine connection with Nature and the Divine. She is one of the rare people who absolutely live their path… She has a unique way of tailoring her presentation to the participants, and attending her events makes one feel enriched, inspired and able to leave with tools and knowledge to incorporate into one's personal, magical and seasonal work. I have always come away with something that is of great value spiritually that will continue to enrich me on the road to my becoming.

                                         (Diane Champigny, Wiccan High Priestess, Boston, Mass.)

     Through years of study, Sharynne has immersed herself in virtually all facets of ancient Celtic culture, language and myth. She has the vision and energy to make the past come to life. It is her passion and gift. Any student fortunate enough to have Sharynne as a teacher will find him/herself in more than a class: it will be an experience. They will certainly learn about ancient Celtic culture and religion. But more than that, they will hear it, feel it, smell it and live it.

                                         (Charles Maguire, Attorney, Northampton, Mass.)

     Sharynne is a congenial colleague and an excellent teacher. She has a strong background in the study of Celtic culture, folklore and mythology, including the epic literature of early medieval Ireland, the legends and romances of later medieval Wales, and the archaeological and historical record of Celtic civilizations in the British Isles and on the European mainland. Her extensive research into ancient Celtic society and its cultural institutions enables her to make connections between the various branches of the Celtic tradition which might elude less well-read scholars. She has also made significant contributions of her own to Celtic scholarship. I have consistently been impressed by the quality of her work and the breadth of her knowledge. I have found her to be an engaging teacher, thorough, and above all attentive to the needs and interests of her students. She is an inspiring teacher, and brings out the best in her students.

                                         (Dr. Benjamin Bruch, Harvard University)

     Sharynne is an extraordinary woman of great wisdom and amazing talents. She is a true scholar and visionary. She shares her meticulous research and fascinating knowledge of Celtic lore with joy, grace and a most delightful sense of humour. She is an engaging presenter whose passion for her subject is expressed in a professional manner that enables every student to learn and be inspired.

                                         (Tiana Mirapae, Therapist and Integrative Medicine Practioner, Amherst, Mass.)

     As a solitary Wiccan practitioner, I was nervous about being in a group setting. Sharynne made me feel welcome and comfortable with her teaching style. She presented the material well with her knowledge base and ability to speak well. She taught us how to pronounce Welsh and Gaelic terms – incredible! She also included hands on activities and amazing meditations. We ended each class with a ritual that related to our studies. The tools, the atmosphere, and Sharynne’s calm, guiding presence made the rituals beautiful and magickal. Anyone will enjoy her teaching and guidance. I know that I did.
                                         (Angella Mihalak, Registered Nurse.)

     I have studied Celtic and Arthurian myth for more than thirty years. Sharynne’s teachings provide a grounding in primary texts and critical scholarship as well as a unique perspective on the myriad spiritual dimensions of the material. She is particularly gifted at providing a rich overview of a mythological theme… Her teaching has provided me with new insights into materials I have previously read and deepened my appreciation for the subject matter. Her classes offer an opportunity to explore Celtic and earth spirituality through ritual and ceremony that is reverent and powerful.

                                         (Daphne Bishop, Fair Trade Business Owner, Northampton, Mass.)

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