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WebSiteBlog stardate; February 6th 2011.

Blog! Blog? is that even really a word? I dont' think so. Short for "web-log" I know, well that's not a real word either what the hell? A web log would be a log about the web, or a log of the web, not a log on the web, that's just a journal, no? I have one of those. who doesn't, right? :p whatever. anyway, here's a bloody blog since websites are supposed to have them. I updated the links page recently, sadly killed a few that are gone and seemed unlikely to return. haven't checked every single one, added a few. looking at it offline in googlechrome, several of my links were clumped together strangely, so I had to add spaces, but looking at it in firefox, that just added spaces that didn't need to be there. and after I uploaded it, even in chrome, the spaces were clearly not necessary, so what the hell is up with that google? screw you!

I recently saw a concert with the appassionato quartet who were really great, they collaborated with a few people including Birdsong of the Mesozoic Erik Lindgren, so I added links to their sites on my award winning* links page. I noticed they don't have links pages on their sites, are they falling out of favour? pointless? I don't care. I like mine. the fewer other people have links pages on their sites, the more special mine becomes. check it out, lots of cool sites to explore, er, once you've completely explored this one of course! hey, wait, where are you going?

another cool thing I'm into lately, is this lady's way esoteric metaphysical videos. they really make you think. and ask questions, like "who are you?" which most people don't really stop to ask themselves, but ought to. they might be surprised to find out they have no idea who they really are at their core. spoiler alert, she says you are "awareness". but she's right. http://www.youtube.com/user/MetaphysicalSciences#g/u

oh also, check this out, I heard it on WCRB, classical radio Boston, along with an amazing story about it's history, no wait I read that bit on wikipedia, the short version is, the Vatican were keeping this gorgeous piece of music all to themselves, and wouldn't let anyone else hear it outside their own chapel. Well along comes that naughty Amadaeus Mozart, hears it, really likes it, goes home and just jots it down from memory and publishes it, quite against the Vatican's decree! but rather than excommunicate him, they congratulate him on his cleverness, and finally allow it to be published. did they really think God wanted them to be selfish with it? it's spozed to be a praise to her after all. Personally I don't care what the lyrics mean, I just like the tune. I can listen to this over and over.

well, if I'm going to make a blog on my site now, I better go make a button for it. Zarquon, I don't want to have to put it on every bloody page on this site. it's only going to be on the main page. til the next big update anyway, and that's a while away. puppy ciao!