Where to find me online!

I am on several websites, here are some no-frills links to my various official web-presences. There are a few I haven't included here, my old LJ, Tumblr, & MySpace accounts as those are sort of cobweb sites at this point, sadly.

Buy my comics here! if you buy through Square or Etsy they take a bite of my meager 'profits'.

My personal website (you are here, technically, but this will take you to the main page.)

My Patreon account: Patreon $1 a month for access to over 4,800 works of art by me. You read that right.

My online Square store where you can buy my comics: MobiusComix Square store.

My Etsy account where you will soon be able to buy my comics: Etsy.

My comic book's facebook page: PRASGA

My Redbubble merchandise store, where you can get mugs, t-shirts and etc with my art on them: Redbubble

My main deviantart account, some NSFW material within: DeviantArt

My youtube channel: Youtube

My new band's facebook page, coming in the not too distant future, but there's already some music there: Mobius Electrical Chamber Ensemble "Love us now, avoid the rush." (-Ratsy)

My instagram @james_mobius

My comic book Prasga's instagram: @prasgacomic

My backup deviantart account, dedicated to sketbook pages and the like: Sketches also some NSFW art here.

My personal facebook account: Facebook

My old band's facebook page, we still exist on paper, and will be releasing more music: Mojoceratops

watch my old band in concert in the 90s Najarian

I'm on linkedin, I only ever log in there to accept ad requests. LinkedIn

My profile on talkbass.com where you can see my build journals for various basses I've built. only one there so far, but another will happen soonish. Talkbass

My Bat-bass build journal there: the Bat Bass

Tardisbuilders.com where you can see my build journals for my various Tardises. Tardisbuilders

My bigger on the inside life-size Tardis build: the Tardis

My Tardis recycling bin build journal: small blue box

My Siege mode Tardis kit: very smol blue box

My very unfinished cellar loo door Tardis conversion project I'll finish one day: the loo

My artist account on Model Mayhem, I've not used in some time but here it is: ModelMayhem

my old Tumblr I include it here in case you find someone else on tumblr using my name, this is the real me: (I stopped using it due to their draconian censorship policies) dumblr

My Artstation account, I only posted one thing there, maybe I should add more. Artstation

My Etsy shop lacking in anything at all really. Etsy

Last and definitely least, my Twitter account, I used it once, to announce I wouldn't be using it again many years later I have kept that promise, so please follow me there if you like people that never post: @jamesmobius I have 25 followers! XD and I'm following 15 people, but I almost never look at it. I mean, seriously, I went for 12 years without looking at it. started it in 2013, recently they emailed me to let me know someone tried to log in, so I had to change my password, I couldn't even remember my password, so I reset it.

Thank you for reading this sentence.