James Möbius (that's me), is a songwriter in case ya didn't know that. I am currently blowing the dust off of my old set of solo acoustic (mostly) songs that I sing and play on various stringed instruments, these days mostly Cittern, a 10 stringed instrument.

I also write the occasional poem, with no intent to set it to music. Here are some now. I should warn you, they're a bit odd...

All content copyright © 2011 James Möbius.

     PC haiku:

Someone had left my
computer monitor on
all night again -you.

     Frooties haiku, 9-18-03

You ate my candies
that's ok but you left the
wrappers on my desk.

     Ode to Spam

oh spam, you plague me so,
tormenting me even as I slumber,
my dreams actually have pop-ups now,
offering me increased sexual stamina,
home remortgaging plans and
farm-girls gone hog-wild!
if only I knew where the evil
spammers lived, that I might
sneak into their homes while they slept
and either slit their throats or
fire some roofing nails into their tiny
shrivelled little brains with my nail gun,
although that would be noisy, the compressor is really really noisy.
maybe someone knows where I can find a good air compressor
that's whisper quiet, and conveniently lightweight, with a
rechargable battery pack?
let me know won't you?
my email address is

Song lyrics: ("folk music from outer-space"™)


There's so much cigarette smoke
that I can't see or breathe
I don't know what's going on now,
I'm just drifting out to sea.
I can only say what I feel -but that's
something you don't want me -to reveal
So I conceal that I -would do anything
anything for you for I implore you,
believe me when I say I adore you

Won't somebody hold me
that's all I want
won't somebody

Love was something I hadn't thought about before it seemed
and Love was something I hadn't considered in years

Nervous fears and high school tears
and failed romance
never dance no chance
classic foolish manner dreamed
spontaneously and free
and I achieve dream lucidity

Won't somebody hold me
that's all I want
won't somebody

The mind is sometimes shallow
but the feelings run deep
the image is not always clear
it's time to go to sleep

It can be hard to hold onto life
beautious and cruel and dark and light

Just like a man to say that and run away
just like a woman to respond that bloody way

Don't you think it's gone on long enough
don't you find the love you keep
waiting there for you

I don't want to die when you're by my side
now I'm too tired to weep
oh it gets cold again, so I hold my hand in the flame
I can see what the image is
now, not a reckless sleep

© 2004 James Möbius, Möbius Müsicus p.

(This is an ooold one, a macabre lullabye, played on Tenor guitar.)

    The Shadows of Fall

In my brighter moments
I shine like a star
I asked you a question
do you remember?
I'm your secret admirer
discreet from afar
I know your situation
how quaintly bizzare

Picture a glass box of honey and sand
you are trapped inside
with a clock and a cookie
oubliette for the child of the Tsar

I have to tell you I have two keys
one hidden never really missing
try not to think -relate to you
like a flying headache in summer heat
No exit so hold my hand
how long do you think I'll wait?
We'll divide the cookie
the clock doesn't work anyhow

('such a lovely smile, just be yourself')

In my dark desperation
I grope for the walls
in a tin pan of envy
you shouldn't have called

As the night falls on your mind
you suck in your last breath
life is just a process you must endure
in order to acheive death

So many are sleeping
I can't count them all
and where are ye hiding
the shadows of fall
In the lonely position
as the light fades away
your striped walls won't protect you
at the end of your day

© 1988 James Möbius, Möbius Müsicus p.

    the Synapse Shuffle

(Now) pay me some attention
ignore the words I say
you came to hear me play, your brain is far away
Clouds on the horizon
converging into one
the Yankee clockwork nightmare bleeds into the sun

You did not hear what you thought I said
your stark blue eyes, oh how they haunt me
Su would be amused to hear me say
come on mama, lay somethin' on me (woo hoo)

You could've taken advantage of me
but you didn't and I
don't respect you for that
I wish you had.
So many fly
we all got to die
but don't ask me I don't know why

Black moon rising on a summer's night
I'm chained to her heart but I'm feeling all-right.
Flower in my lapel
and a knife in my back
she almost took me away and I would not
have come back

Buttercup atop the Eiffel tower
it's been there for
years and months and weeks and days and hours

Such was her power
such was her power
sex was

Now with a baby and a guy
on the beach
I guess some people will
always be
just out of reach
I hope I see you again someday
the Goddess who teased me
and then flew away
(now) that's some mistake

she didn't mean anything by it
and that's the sad part.

© 2004 James Möbius, Möbius Müsicus p.

     I had a little froggy (a heavy metal samba)

I had a little froggy
its skin was froggy green
it had a froggy heart and it
had a froggy spleen
by accident I squished it
it released a froggy scream
I had a little froggy
but only in a dream.

Froggy, froggy, where you been?
frogs aren't always, what they seem (to be)

The day the trees were blue
-and the sky was green
a host of golden worker-frogs
led by their froggy king

Frogs may come and frogs may go
on little frog's feet over lily pad and disco
eating flies breathing air
a froggy's life is never fair
my own froggy -don't leave me this way
you peed in my hand-
as if to say... (bugger off, yer lordship)

Who can complain? So long as
the frog remains the same...

a boy and his frog, it's a frog's life, frog day afternoon.
Froggy froggy diamond,
frogs aren't a dime-a-dozen
I once had a froggy cousin

Froggy, froggy, where you been?
frogs aren't always, what they seem
Froggy, froggy -aaaaaaaaaa
ribbit ribbit...

© 1989 James Möbius, Möbius Müsicus p.

no actual frogs were harmed in the writing of this poem. -although I have had them pee in my hand.

     "Twelve years"

Take my heart, collect all the pieces
I've no need for that anymore

at your feet your biggest fan
comin' round to see you again

touch my lip I understand
blue eyes tear me apart again

break my heart again so I can
write another song I
waited twelve years
twelve years too long

took twelve years nearly
half my life
to work up the nerve will you be my

back on the beach alone with my regrets
ocean eyes I can never forget
lying down in silver dunes
whistling a tuneless tune     I
stare faithlessly at the moon
once again I spoke too soon

floated my heart out to sea
and now I see something
floating back to me

an image of the way things should've been
oh if I had only forseen

it is a vision of a letter I'd written to myself
when I was eighteen and my heart was still green

you never meant any harm by your actions
you were just seeking satisfaction

a golden light
descends over the hill
she for whom I would die or kill

if this is a dream I don't know or care
running my fingers through your golden hair

pull me into you and hold me so tight
we will wander off into the night

holding hands walk along the shore
kissing 'til we can't breathe anymore

rhythm of passion and I erupt
if it's a dream
I will never wake up
I will never wake up

je ne pense pa au l'universe
je seulamont au toi

I don't care about the universe,
I only care about you