It's O.K.!

it's going to
be O.K.

     Don't worry! I know it's a big scary world out there, but remember, most people are kind hearted and reasonable. If someone is being mean to you, bear in mind they were probably beaten as a child. Or maybe they were never taught any manners and lack social graces, thus rejected by society they lash out in anger at anyone who gets near, don't let this ruin your day!

     Try and be understanding, treat them like children, but always treat children with respect, that's the only way to help them build self-esteem. This doesn't mean letting them walk all over you, treating yourself with respect sets a good example, stand your ground firmly, but keep an open mind and be willing to listen to different points of view, (especially if they are threatening you with a knife and demanding financial transactions in their favour.)

     And remember if everyone is nice to everyone else, there don't have to be any more wars. You may disagree with someone, but that's really no reason to blow them up is it now? I mean really! What would your mum say? So, there'll be no more of that, thank you very much! Now run along and play nice!

     Click here to find all sorts of interesting things to see and do!

And now, here is a reassuring image.

it's going to
be O.K.

And remember, Mr. Rogers loves you and everything is going to be ok.

Make this your home page (if you are using Internet Exploiter) by clicking on "Tools", then open up "Internet options", the "General" tab should be at the front, if it isn't, click on that. The first option there is "Home page", and it says:

"You can change which page to use for your home page"

     The address box will currently be displaying this URL (, click "Use current", then click OK and you're done.

     For Netscape Navigator users, uh, there's probably a similar procedure.

ok I wrote this probably in 2004 or something, but I'm not updating the instructions because seriously.

     Every time you log onto the net and open your browser you will have me to hold your hand and reassure you that everything will be ok, ultimately.