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Bravo Madge! Well done!

That wasn't so hard was it? a little thinking outside the box...

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     You wanna know what I think? I'll tell you what I think! -later.
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The links bar on this page does not stay centered. It stays to the left. It is left-justified, just as the Left is justified by its moral superiority over the stupid right wing. It's ok to disagree with me, that's just because you're ignorant, don't let it worry your silly little head.

And now, something from the vault.

# 40 Hell
     Funny as hell. Funnier actually, probably Hell isn't too funny, although I tend to think it is.
I think it's outrageously egotistical to think God would go to all the bother to set up an infinite eternal torture chamber for those who don't tow the Catholic line. Hope I haven't offended you with that one. Even the vatican is kind of shying away from that stuff it seems. I love Satan, I think he's a fascinating fictional character rife with dramatic and humourous possibility.      I collect little devil toys and winking, tell people I'm a "Satanist". I do have a little shrine... maybe I should put a red candle in it. It's a shelf in my kitchen, which otherwise is mostly all done up in "Wonder Woman"

# 75
The 'T' word.
      I saw a Washington DC license plate on a car the other day, do you know what the state motto is on DC plates? At the bottom it says "Taxation without representation". Apparently they didn't have room for 2 more letters, the ones that normally precede that famous quote. I can't help but suspect this is no accident or oversight, but a blatant republican statement that they now feel it is ok for them to tax us without having to listen to us. I don't even see Duh ( I can't call him "W", he puts the Duh in double U ) as a republican, I thought they were all about getting the government out of people's lives, and making it smaller, he is consistantly doing exactly the opposite of that. Of course it's unfair to blame a mindless puppet for the show he is putting on.