Oh you're Good! all black text on a black background and you still found it!

This is the secret hidden journal archives page for Mö
one day I'll stick something worth reading on here.
     so what have I been up to? Well if you're a friend of mine you probably read my 'livejournal', so what's the point of this? er, I'll be putting stuff in here that I won't be putting there, and vice versa, in the not too distant future. Don't expect a lot of dirt here though.
     secrets of the website.
     ok you got here, but will you remember how you did it? for future reference, (heh, assuming I don't mess things around later...) from any page on the site with the link button 'command bar' click the one that sez 'do not click here' 3 times, then click Home, then click the right painting, or the space between the paintings, then click the Joanna collage. at this point, each page's command bar adds one link button per page.
     the Joanna page adds Hi there! 'Hi there!' adds 'What do I really think?', and the pic of lil' Jenni is a link to the hidden audio files page on 'What do I really think?' adds 'Diary of a plaid-man', that page has links to every main page on the site (not the subpages of or Dun na Sidhe, nor the hidden audio page, tho I may make a button for that, then again I may not.) I reserve the right to add more buttons if I wanna.
     there is also some hidden text, it's black. on black. that could end up on any page. maybe I'll stick this on the journal page in black. I was gonna put it somewhere... the 'yet another button' button, takes you to the test pattern page. the top button on that page = 'Do not click here'. the 'please stand by' image takes you to what appears to be a 404 error page, but if you look closely, you'll notice the text is a bit non-traditional. There are 6 links on that page, the one that says 'detect network settings' will get you here, the one that says 'back' will take you to the hidden audio page. There may be other hidden links to hidden pages anywhere on this site. There will definitely be more eventually... *evil grin* the Ankh, which is on the front page as well, leads to a shrine. To get back to this page, on the home page at the very bottom is a quote from the film 'Waking Life.' that link takes you to the 404 page. There's also a link hidden to the right of the 'Waking Life' quote, it's an invisible and rather small black box. it takes you to a complete menu page with links to every page on the site, even ones that aren't on this one. Don't tell anyone!

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