Oh come now! You don't really want to do that do you? THIS page? You're telling me that every time you go online and activate your internet browser the first website you want to visit is this one? Frankly I'd be disturbed to learn anyone would want to do that. I don't even do that and this IS my home page literally! I set mine to MySpace, I mean Facebook because the first thing I do is check for news, etc. It's not like I update this site every day anyway.

    You could configure your browser to always open up this page first, but I won't help you figure out how to do that, I don't think it'd be healthy for our relationship.

    There are ways for webmasters to set up a button for you to click which configures your browser to do this, some evil sites will do it without asking you, how obnoxious! Do they really think I won't take offense to that and reset it to my own choice? Almost as bad are those sites that hijack your back-button so when you click it it just refreshes their page instead. "Oh no, I guess I'll give up on looking at any other site now, and just keep looking at this wonderful one instead." Do these fiends honestly think anyone is thinking that?

    And what about those annoying pop-ups?! I hate those! that's like walking down a street, and someone holds up a brightly coloured flashing sign in your face blocking your view so you can't see where you're going, and can't continue talking to whoever you were talking to, and they expect you to then buy whatever crap they are selling? Right. Sure. Let me drop everything because, Hey! I just happen to need to remortgage my viagra online! Idiots.

    And spam! What are they thinking? Once in a blue moon, and it's been a looooooong long time since a blue moon, these days it's more like once in a plaid moon, I see a spam title in my inbox which sounds like something I might be interested in, (again, this actually hasn't happened in years come to think of it), but I make a point of not giving my business to anyone who practices spamming people, just on principle. Gone are the days when I bothered to write back indignant vitriol-filled replies demanding to be taken off of their list, and sometimes cleverly trying to waste some of their time since they wasted some of mine, they just all get deleted.

    Here's a good way to get me to delete your email without reading it, title it: "hi!", or "hi", put no subject in the title box, mispell things, have it be utterly unrelated to anything I might be interested in, use my email address in the title, truncated to everything before the @ symbol to address me personally, or offer to sell me any item or service. If I want something, I go looking for it. I make a point of not giving my business to people who shove theirs in my face unsolicited.

    -But I digress, if you want an interesting home page, choose one that will be updated daily and offer you some news, like Democracynow.org, or something useful, not some Bass player.

    Hmm. on the other hand... the world is a pretty disturbing place, maybe people need some place reassuring they can go to first, before they venture out into the jungle... tell you what, click here, make that your home page. I'll tell you how at the bottom of that page.