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     Some people have been asking about the lyrics, if you buy the CD as a digital download you don't get a copy of them as you do if you buy a physical CD, however, you can now read the lyrics, on this new lyrics page. This is still a work in progress, so they aren't all up yet, it's taking me a while to read them from the tiny gold on black fancy font from my original pressing of the CD, so bear with me, but I'm chipping away at it. I have also posted scans of the original edition booklet from Castle Von Buhler records on this page, and I'm typing up the liner notes for the songs. Scroll down for scans.
    Here then are the lyrics in order of appearance on the CD.

     1. The Hunter/Cernunnos (Invocation of the Antelered God)

     When in the wooded place I be
     then in the sacred grove is he
     the god of hunters, king of creatures all
     his horned head I see

     I sit beside him on the ground
     as those in Gaul of bird and hound
     his name is written but once, my Cernunnos
     and still I know the sound

     he rules life and death
     and guards the Otherworld
     from where all forces flow
     and all events doth know

     I know he will come
     I've done the dances
     stay beside me now
     lord of the antlers, come...

     Oh, when the sun and moon
     they rise up on yonder hill
     he will rise inside me and
     so shall ever be, (shall) ever be.

Notes: (coming soon)

     2. Dea Noctu (the Goddess by Night)

     Equus in solis et musicum
     In omne tempus agilis
     adversus Venefica

     O Dea Noctu, Imperatrix
     Ex stella lumen et fascinum

     Per triplus numen, Ars Magica
     de Ventus, Noctiluca, Natura

     O Regina, in tempesta
     Nocte in violarium
     nec impius, nec malus.

     O Dea Noctu, Imperatrix
     Ex stella lumen et fascinum

     Postquam luscinia, gratus semen
     Scipio rigidus, liquor nocturnus

     Saga de bestia fiera
     Saga vipera et fulmen.
     Camen ventosus fascinare
     Ad lunam in diem vivere
     et tamen non, insomnium.

     O, Dea Noctu.

     The Horse of the Sun and music
     Forever nimble
     Towards the Empress.

     Oh, Goddess by Night, Comandress
     Made of Starlight and Amulets

     By the Threefold Nod, the Magical Art
     of WInd, Moon and Nature Spirit.

     Oh, Queen in the dead of night
     On a bed of Violets
     neither godless, nor wicked.

     Oh, Goddess by Night, Comandress
     Made of Starlight and Amulets

     After the nightingal, welcome seed
     rigid staff, nightly liquids.

     Witch of wild beast
     Witch of viper and lightning.
     Windy enchantment, to charm by magic
     By moonlight, to live in the moment
     and yet, no nightmares.

     Oh, Goddess by Night.

     Notes: This is an invocation of a moon goddess, a gathering of the spirits who infuse the moonlit night with their magic; a call to Hecate, Diana, Arianrhod...
Numerous attempts over time to subdue and weaken Celtic culture began with the Roman military occupation of Celtic lands. Despite my ethical response to their efforts, the lyrics for this song came to me in Latin, at the end of a dream. I see it as an incantation intoned by a Celtic Priestess or Druidess, using the language of the intruders themselves to intensify the oppositional and protective magic. She wields the powers of the elements to preserve the religion and culture of her people, and to protect the wisdom and traditions of the Druids (who suffered persecution at the hands of the Romans, though it was political, rather than religious, in nature). May the power of the Moon, the NIght, and the Sacred Female Energies, together in harmony with the Sun, the Day, and the Sacred Male Principle, once again be honoured and celebrated!

     3. An Fhideag Airgid (the Silver Whistle ~ trad Gaelic)

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

     4. The Snake That Coils Within, Without

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

     5. Belen-Gaard

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

     6. Guth Na Torainn (the Voice of Thunder)

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

     7. Beannachadh Agus Sloinntearachd Na Brighid
     (The Blessing and Descent of the Goddess Bridget)

     Brighid nighean Dghaill Duinn
     ic Aoidh, ic Airt ic Cuinn ic Criara
     ic Cairbre ic Cais ic Carmaic
     ic Cartaich ic Cuinn.

     Brighid nam brat
     Brighid na brg
     Brighid na cleachd
     Brighid na frth

     Brighid nan gealachos
     Brighid na ceardach
     Brighid nan gealabhos
     Brighid brdachd.

     Brighid Ban-Dia
     Brighid na bth
     Brighid na sthean
     Brighid na brgh

     Brighid na gealach
     Brighid na slnaich
     Brighid nagealbhan
     Brighid Bean-Shth

     Gach latha agus gach oidhche n mi Sloinntearachd na Brighid:
     Each day and night that I say the Descent of Brigit:
     I shall not be slain, I shall not be wounded,
     I shall not be put in cell, I shall not be torn in sunder.

     Cha loisg grian mi
     Cha loisg teine mi
     Cha loisg ial mi
     Cha loisg gile mi

     Cha Bhth uisge mi
     Cha Bhth sla mi
     Cha Bhth lighe mi
     Cha Bhth burn mi

     This is the Day of Brighid
     The Queen will come from the Mound
     I will not touch the Queen
     Nor will the Queen touch me.

     The Feast Day of Brighid
     The Daughter of Ivor shall come from the Knoll
     I will not touch the Daughter of Ivor
     Nor will she harm me.

     Today is the Day of Brighid
     The serpent shall come from the hole
     I will not molest the serpent
     Nor will the serpent molest me.

         *translation of non English passages:

     Brigit, daughter of the Daghda, daughter
     of Dugall the Brown, Son of Aodh, Son of
     Art, Son of Conn, son of Criara son of
     Carbre son of Cas, son of Cormac son of
     Cartach son of Conn.

     Brigit of the mantles
     Brigit of the peat-heap
     Brigit of the twining hair
     Brigit of the augury.

     Brigit of the white feet
     Brigit of the smithcraft
     Brigit of the white palms
     Brigit of the poetry.

     Brigit the Goddess
     Brigit of the Spirit
     Brigit of the fairy-mound
     Brigit of Essence.

     Brigit of the moon
     Brigit of the healing
     Brigit of the common fire
     Brigit of the Fairy Woman.

     No sun shall burn me
     No fire shall burn me
     No beam shall burn me
     No mon shal burn me.

     No river shall drown me
     No brine shall drown me
     No flood shall drown me
     No water shall drown me.

         Notes: Bridget, the ancient Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Healing and Smithcraft was highly revered by our ancestors, and honoured at Imbolc (Feb. 1), a holiday marking the birth of the tribes sheep, essential for their milk, meat and wool. It was said that the ocean became warm on that day as Bridget, also associated with fire, put her hand into the water. At Imbolc, she was welcomed into the family home, and many wonderful customs were maintained when she was later venerated as St. Bridget, the daughter of a druid. She is much beloved in Ireland and Scotland, her powers as Goddess and saint interwoven still. The Descent of Bridget is a chant of protection, which we have adapted to include her many ancient attributes. The last three stanzas are mysterious verses often repeated on An Fhill Brighid, The Festival or Feast of Bridget.

    Copyright 2011 the Moors. Adaptation of Traditional Highland Incantation, additional poetry and Translations by Sharynne NicMhacha.

     8. Dve Nevesti (trad. Bulgarian)

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

     9. Moon Mediation and Prayer
     (Rioghainn h~Oidhche: Queen of the Night)

    Lyrics for this song coming soon.

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(All lyrics and notes Copyright 2011 the Moors, retyped by the Moors' webmaster James Mbius, any typographical errors are his, with apologies.)

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